Applied Ceramic Label (ACL)

It is a process by which ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a Lehr furnace. After firing at temperatures up to 1180° F the label design is permanently fused to the glass.


Coating is a cost-effective and flexible way to achieve outstanding colour, to provide a premium look and feel.

Packaging Options

AGI has an exclusive and specialized in-house design team which ensures that the customers are provided various packaging options to choose from.

In House Design

Design is the art of creation. Good design is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Yet, even familiar objects such as custom glass bottles can change their design.

Mould shop

AGI glaspac assist customers to bring an idea/concept to reality. Right from the beginning our design team aims to ensure that the technical quality of the container, as well as the aesthetic requirement is of high standard.