Today is most important to work towards & have a better tomorrow! A clear reflection on our endeavors & deeds of today provide us with clarity of what future holds for us.

GreendropGlasswareTMis visualized by AGI glaspac which is Packaging Products Division of HSIL Limited as a brand that will support the “Save Earth Campaign” while giving a niche, upmarket and a premium feel to its consumer’s homes and health for one self and their loved ones. Offering clear and colored glass bottles, we also promote the color therapy for improving overall health.

Showcasing a range of Water, Juice, Milk and other beverage bottles, Greendrop Glassware  is committed and geared up to offer a range of storage jars and other kitchen storage items helping consumers to eliminate harmful chemicals present in other storage containers and live healthier lives. We also help in eradicating pollution from non-recyclable materials being used for storage as Glass is 100% recyclable.

Join the bandwagon today.  Be Healthy! Become Eco-Friendly!



750ml Green Bottle
1000ml Blue Bottle
1000ml Blue Bottle Cliptop
1000ml Green Bottle Cliptop
1000ml Green Bottle

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