Punta del Este Casino: the keys to the Cipriani Group's modified project

The mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, sent the Departmental Board the project with modifications of the Cipriani Group for its casino hotel in Punta del Este.

As he had anticipated, the mayor submitted the document for final approval, after which the work may begin in six months. For more information about the Cipriani Group project, see Mer's interview on the website https://win-bollywood.com/.

"The former San Rafael hotel will be erected again with its four standard floors, the attic, the lobby, and the mezzanine," said the City Hall.

It also detailed that the traditional lodging will have, in its new version, 80 rooms, and 268 underground parking spaces, in addition to the casino, a spa, gym, swimming pools, tennis courts, medical facilities, and other amenities.

On the other hand, the Cipriani towers will have 282 housing units, which means that the modified project contemplates the construction of 170,084 square meters in the city.

The execution of the works is contemplated in two stages: in the first stage, the hotel, the casino, and one of the three towers will be built. This is due to the municipality's requirement to prioritize the reconstruction of the hotel, with a requirement to do it in 35 months (as well as the first tower), while the casino will be completed in 34 months.

Finally, right after the completion of the first stage, the second stage will start with the construction of the two remaining towers. In this regard, it was also established that the tallest tower would be moved away from the promenade to be located in the heart of the block.

The power now rests with the Departmental Board so that, if it gives its approval, there will be a new hotel and casino in Punta del Este by 2026, provided that the established deadlines are met.